The Origins of DogFoodDB

I first got interested in pet nutrition, originally cat food nutrition, after visiting the pet food store one afternoon. I had returned from my vet’s office earlier that morning, and during my visit she mentioned a number of ingredients she felt my cats should avoid.

After spending way more time than should have been necessary in that pet food store trying to find the perfect cat food that met all my vet's recommendations, I finally gave up and went home to try and use the internet to solve my cat food conundrum.

Google directed me to many articles, some very opinionated, on the topic of cat food. What was good, what as bad, why Brand X was great and Brand Y was not. Why raw food was best and all commercial cat food was horrible. (By the way — it’s not). What I couldn’t find, however, was a easy way to determine which commercial cat foods did and did not contain the ingredients I was instructed to avoid.

With that realization that the internet was indeed missing a tool to help me research cat foods in the way I was hoping, I realized that as a professional web developer I was in a unique position to be able to build my own. And with that CatFoodDB was born.

Feedback on CatFoodDB was great, but it wasn't long before I heard from the dog owners as well. They wanted their own dog food database as well! Using everything I'd learned from the CatFoodDB site I was able to build DogFoodDB as well, helping dog food owners understand, compare and rate dog foods using published manufacturer information in fact-based, unbiased way!


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